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Shopping Centre Décor: the value of décor in the growing modern mall lifestyle
“Mall operators must expand their horizons of what a mall can be. They must envision themselves no longer as real estate brokers, but instead as customer-facing providers of shoppable entertainment.” ~ Roberto Fantoni – The Future of the Shopping Mall

Initially, shopping centres were merely a matter ...
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Showing Off: Latest Trends in Event Design
If you think dealing with customers and potential customers via the great digital road is all that is necessary in the modern age, you may be sorely mistaken. No matter how tech we get, people still enjoy, in fact love, contact. Sometimes just the fact that you have arranged an event, a show, a get-...
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Spreading the good cheer: Udumo is more than design
Christmas is everybody’s favourite time of the year: purses begin to open, smiles begin to appear on unexpected faces and total strangers are inclined to greet you.
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Trending or Timeless: your choice in interiors
You know that feeling that you get when you walk into a house? That sense of personality that a space can affect depending on the choice of décor? There’s either a sense of stability, grace and settled comfort – or a more modern, edgy engagement where the statement is clearly ‘now’ or even futuristi...
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Mindful Décor: how environmental awareness influences mood
The juxtaposition of mind and surroundings is ever with us. We are continually influenced by the way an exterior experience makes us feel – and that includes the way we perceive simple things around us such as furniture, lighting, colour.
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