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To progress in life is all we want for Christmas - the production team behind Tyger Valley's festive décor

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10.01.23 02:44 PM Comment(s)
When meeting and talking to the women involved in creating this year’s festive décor at Tyger Valley Centre, one is humbled about the fact that their Christmas dreams only involve gifts of the heart.

I find three of the ladies in the production area at Tyger Valley Centre stacked between Christmas trees, baubles and wiring, all the while delicately tying ribbons to each of the trees, a painstaking process.

The Village Christmas 2018 festive décor at Tyger Valley Centre aims to celebrate the diverse cultures and communities of the Cape through a unifying colour palette. It was created through an initiative by Udumo Designs.

Ronesia du Plessis (18), finished matric last year and dreams of becoming a teacher. For this she needs a bursary. She is extremely excited about the opportunity to work for Udumo Designs, the Durbanville-based non-profit company behind Tyger Valley’s Village Christmas theme this year and says she never thought she would be able to do something like this. She looks around her and says: “Wow, I created that”.

Jeronay Adonis (18) stems from a single parent family and does waitering work on weekends to help her family. It is her goal to become a social worker.

Claudine Kassiem (31) is married without children. She used to be a cashier but also has a dream to become a teacher. She has a strong desire to achieve something in her life.

When asking these girls what they want for Christmas, they all agree that to have peace in their hearts and homes and be surrounded by their family members, would be the greatest gift of all.

So, let us unite as communities of Cape Town in keeping the dreams alive that will continue to make our society inclusive and inspiring for all.
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